My Yogic Journey


My YOGic Journey

ब्रह्ममुरारि सुरार्चित लिंगं निर्मलभासित शोभित लिंगम् ।
जन्मज दुःख विनाशक लिंगं तत्-प्रणमामि सदाशिव लिंगम् ॥

I bow to the eternal Shiva Linga, that is worshipped by Brahma, Vishnu, and other GODs, which is pure and radiant, And which destroys the sorrows of birth and death. I constantly bow to the divine Shiva Linga.

My YOGic journey has been deeply intertwined with the imprints of Supreme Shiva in every step. While YOG, as popularized in the West, predominantly focuses on the physical aspect through asanas (postures) for promoting physical health, the teachings of YOG by Indian sages present a broader and profound perspective. From Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita to Guru Vashishtha, Lord Rama in the YOG Vashishtha, and Sage Patanjali in the YOG Sutras, YOG is described as a journey of the soul to unite with the supreme consciousness, transcending from the individual self (aatma) to the universal self (parmatma).

YOG encompasses four main paths: Bhakti YOG (the path of devotion), Karma YOG (the path of selfless action), Jnana YOG (the path of knowledge), and Raja YOG (also known as Hatha YOG). While I have been immersed in Bhakti YOG since childhood, my journey into Hatha/Ashtanga YOG began as a preparation for my pilgrimage to Kailash. Little did I know that this initial step would pave the way for a profound transformation in my life.

Dive into the depths of YOG’s wisdom and be embraced by the transformative power that leads to the realization of God. Through the practice of YOG, embark on a sacred journey towards a blissful union with the divine.

After my return from Kailash, the sacred energy of the Himalayas resonated within me, urging me to delve deeper into the practice of asanas. Following the guidance of Patanjali, who expounded the eight limbs of Ashtanga YOG, I recognized that asanas serve as a vital tool to progress on the path to self-realization. It became clear to me that the physical postures were not an end in themselves but a means to expand my consciousness and deepen my connection with the divine.

Embarking on my Hatha YOG journey at the age of 40, with no prior experience in physical exercise, I was humbled by the grace of Supreme Shiva and Shakti as I swiftly progressed in my YOGic practices. It felt as if my soul had been patiently waiting for this moment, as if I had seamlessly picked up from where my soul left off in the previous birth. The ancient wisdom of YOG flowed through my veins, guiding my body, mind, and spirit towards a state of harmony and transcendence.

Through dedicated practice, I experienced the profound effects of asanas on not only my physical well-being but also my mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. Each posture became a gateway to unlock hidden layers of consciousness, unravelling the limitations I had imposed upon myself. As I delved deeper into the subtleties of breath control, energy channels (nadis), and chakra activation, I witnessed the unification of my body, mind, and spirit in a symphony of divine harmony.

YOG became more than a physical exercise routine; it transformed into a way of life—a sacred path of self-discovery, self-mastery, and self-realization. With each practice, I experienced a profound sense of unity with the cosmic dance of creation, merging my individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. The boundaries that once confined my perception began to dissolve, giving way to a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings and the divine tapestry of existence.

My YOGic journey continues to unfold, leading me on a path of continuous growth, learning, and self-transformation. It is a journey of self-inquiry, introspection, and surrender—a journey where the imprints of Supreme Shiva guide my every step, reminding me of the eternal nature of the soul and its quest for divine union.

In sharing my experiences and insights, I aspire to inspire others to embark on their own YOGic journey, to explore the vast potential that resides within them, and to realize their true nature as divine beings. May the light of Supreme Shiva illuminate their path, just as it has illuminated mine, and may they discover the infinite possibilities that await them on the sacred path of YOG.

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